All Methods

Registration / Authorization

auth.checkPhone Returns the system registration status of the phone number passed to it
auth.sendCode Sends a text message with the confirmation code required for registration, to the passed-in phone number
auth.sendSms Forces SMS message send to specified phone number
auth.sendCall Makes a voice call to the passed-in phone number in which a synthesized voice repeats the confirmation code from the text message
auth.signUp Registers a validated phone number in the system
auth.signIn Authorizes a user in the system based on a validated phone number
auth.logOut De-authorizes a user in the system
auth.sendInvites Saves information about the fact that the current user has sent text message invitations to his or her unregistered contacts
auth.resetAuthorizations Terminates authorized sessions.
auth.exportAuthorization Returns the data required to copy an authorization to a different data center
auth.importAuthorization Authorizes a user in the system based on a key transferred from the home data center
auth.bindTempAuthKey Binds temporary authorization key to permanent authorization key

Working with Notifications. Settings

account.registerDevice Registers a device in order to subsequently send it PUSH notifications
account.unregisterDevice Deletes a device based on its token and stops sending it PUSH notifications
account.updateNotifySettings Edits settings for notifications from a specified user/group or from all users/groups
account.getNotifySettings Receives current settings for notifications from a specified user/group or from all users/groups
account.resetNotifySettings Resets all settings for notifications from users and groups
account.updateProfile Updates user information
account.updateStatus Updates a user’s online status
account.getWallPapers Returns a list of available wallpapers
photos.uploadProfilePhoto Updates the current user’s profile photo
photos.updateProfilePhoto Sets a previously uploaded photo as the profile photo

Working with Users

users.getUsers Returns basic information about users based on their identifiers
users.getFullUser Returns extended user information based on a user identifier
photos.getUserPhotos Returns a list of user photos
account.checkUsername Validates username, checks availability
account.updateUsername Sets username for the current user.

Working with Contacts

contacts.getStatuses Returns a list of contact statuses
contacts.getContacts Returns the current user’s contact list
contacts.importContacts Imports contacts from an address book, returns added contacts
contacts.deleteContact Deletes a single contact from the list
contacts.deleteContacts Deletes several contacts from the list

Working with the Black List

contacts.block Adds a user to the blacklist
contacts.unblock Deletes a user from the blacklist
contacts.getBlocked Returns a list of blocked users

Working with Messages

messages.sendMessage Sends a text message
messages.sendMedia Sends a message with non-text content
messages.setTyping Transmits the current user typing event to the conversation partner or group
messages.getMessages Returns a list of messages by message identifiers
messages.getDialogs Returns a list of the current user’s conversations
messages.getHistory Returns messages from the history of a single conversation Returns messages found based on a search query
messages.readHistory Marks message history as read
messages.readMessageContents Notifies the sender about the recipient having listened a voice message or watched a video
messages.deleteHistory Deletes message history
messages.deleteMessages Deletes messages by message identifiers
messages.receivedMessages Confirms that a client has received messages and cancels push notifications
messages.forwardMessage Forwards a single message
messages.forwardMessages Forwards messages by message identifiers
messages.sendBroadcast Sends messages out to multiple contacts

Working with Chats

messages.getChats Returns basic chat information by chat identifiers
messages.getFullChat Returns complete chat information by chat identifier
messages.editChatTitle Changes the chat name and sends out an appropriate service message
messages.editChatPhoto Changes the chat photo and sends out an appropriate service message
messages.addChatUser Adds a user to a chat and sends out an appropriate service message
messages.deleteChatUser Drops a user from a chat and sends out an appropriate service message
messages.createChat Creates a new chat

Working with Secret Chats

messages.getDhConfig Returns configuration parameters for Diffie-Hellman key generation
messages.requestEncryption Sends a request to start a secret chat
messages.acceptEncryption Confirms creation of a secret chat
messages.discardEncryption Cancels the request to start a secret chat
messages.setEncryptedTyping Sends typing event by the current user to a secret chat
messages.readEncryptedHistory Marks secret chat history as read
messages.sendEncrypted Sends a text message to a secret chat
messages.sendEncryptedFile Sends a media message to a secret chat
messages.sendEncryptedService Sends a service message to a secret chat
messages.receivedQueue Confirms receipt of messages in a secret chat, cancels PUSH-notification

Working with Geochats

geochats.getLocated Searches for geochats based on coordinates
geochats.getRecents Returns a list of recent geochats
geochats.checkin Checks a user into a geochat and sends out an appropriate service message
geochats.getFullChat Returns extended information about a geochat
geochats.editChatTitle Changes the chat name and sends out an appropriate service message
geochats.editChatPhoto Changes the geochat photo and sends out an appropriate service message Searches a geochat’s message history
geochats.getHistory Returns a geochat’s message history
geochats.setTyping Sends a typing event to the current users in a geochat
geochats.sendMessage Sends a text message to a geochat
geochats.sendMedia Sends a non-text message to a geochat
geochats.createGeoChat Creates a new geochat

Working with Updates

updates.getState Returns the current status of updates
updates.getDifference Returns the difference between the current and transmitted statuses of updates

Working with Files

upload.saveFilePart Saves part of a file to be subsequently passed to a method
upload.saveBigFilePart Saves part of a big file over 10Mb to be subsequently passed to a method
upload.getFile Returns all or part of the contents of a file


help.getConfig Returns the current configuration, including the configuration of data centers
help.getSupport Returns support id for the ‘ask a question’ feature
help.getNearestDc Returns information on the data center closest to the user
help.getAppUpdate Return information on available updates for the current app
help.getInviteText Returns the text of an invitation text message